Ventura County: Land of Everlasting Summers

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Located on California s spectacular Gold Coast, Ventura County has come to personify the California Dream. Wind-swept beaches, sensational surf, sunny skies, lush farmland, fragrant orange groves, serene valleys, breathtaking vistas, remote islands, rugged wilderness, majestic mountains, and a rich and fascinating history all collectively form this enchanting paradise. Ventura County: Land of Everlasting Summers captures the allure of one of the most diverse landscapes in the world as well as the wonders of this region s rare Mediterranean ecosystem, archaeological treasures, geological phenomena, and the unique flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth. This visually stunning tribute to Ventura County showcases the vast beauty, history, and mystique of the region through the photographic lens of internationally acclaimed photographer Tim Hauf and the insightful narrative of writer Donna Jeffries. They have combined their talents to create this brilliant volume. The moments in time seized by Hauf s keen eye and quick camera reflect the kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and perspectives that are Ventura County. This captivating collection contains images of well-known and beloved sites and also reveals remote and rarely seen regions. Attention is also given to the county s famed agricultural history. You have likely tasted some of the treats the area s lush croplands have given to the world: succulent oranges, buttery avocados, and juicy strawberries. We invite you now to feast your eyes as well.

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