Surfing California

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For more than twenty-five years, FalconGuide® has set the standard for outdoor recreation guidebooks. Written by top outdoors experts and enthusiasts, each guide invites you to experience the endless adventure and rugged beauty of the great outdoors.
Surfing California is your one-of-a-kind guide to more than 200 of the best breaks in the Golden State - from classic surf spots to lesser-known waves. This revised and updated, full-color guide now includes SUP-friendly spots, too--allowing surfers and paddlers alike to find the best breaks and all get along! Explore the surf from the Oregon border to the Mexican border, from North Jetty in Arcata to Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz to Huntington Beach Pier in Huntington Beach.
Look inside for:

Complete write-ups of 100 featured surf spots, plus key info on 100 more
Best tide height, swell direction, and wave size for each featured site
Surf spots for all skill levels, from beginner to expert
The lowdown on hazards and localism
At-a-glance information on break types and best boards
Advice on avoiding the crowds and finding the breaks