Day Hikes Around Ventura County

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Ventura County is a wonderful place to explore the diverse topography of southern California, which ranges from coastal wetlands to forested canyons to high-altitude desert. Thousands of miles of trails can be found in the wilderness areas and expansive public parks. In addition, a network of trails are accessible from the metropolitan areas, where the open spaces have been thoughtfully integrated with the development. These hikes span from the Pacific Coast to the mountainous interior and national forests. Highlights include coastal estuaries and tidepools, long beaches backed by bluffs, waterfalls, swimming holes, forested canyons, secluded creek paths, caves, ridge walks, historic sights, filming locations, and rugged outcroppings...from relaxing, scenic strolls to mountain-to-coast hikes with panoramic views. A range of hikes accommodates amateur to avid hikers. Clear directions, ample maps.

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